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Why Good Hygiene Matters for the Elderly


Maintaining proper hygiene is an early sign that an elderly loved one requires assistance with their daily activities of daily living (ADL).

Still, it isn’t always simple to rely on the help of others because it might be embarrassing and invasive for your senior family members.

However, they may suffer from severe illnesses and skin problems when they don’t take care of their hygiene as early as possible. Some seniors might also struggle to maintain a consistent routine because of physical or cognitive impairments, such as memory loss.

You must have open conversations about what your loved one is comfortable with to reduce anxiety and build trust if you want them to be cared for by others when you can’t.

You can help them groom and maintain good hygiene practices better by following these suggestions:

  • Taking a bath every few days
  • Dressing them comfortably
  • Brushing their teeth daily
  • Keeping a routine for their personal care
  • Making them participate in grooming, dressing, and bathing

With Covenant Care, we can assist you, and your loved ones receive exceptional home care in St. George, Utah, including grooming, live-in care, respite care, and many more services.

Moreover, we also offer veterans care in Utah and assist older people who have served in the military whenever they need it!

When you have any concerns about your well-being, we’ll be here for you and your loved ones. Call us at 435-313-8110 if you need non-medical home care services!

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