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Why Do Seniors Need Help with Transportation?

Why Do Seniors Need Help with Transportation?

Seniors and older adults are no strangers to health conditions. Many of them experience deteriorating health that prompts them to rely on live-in care and other home care services. This deterioration affects almost every aspect of their lives, including their ability to travel.

As we continue to provide veterans care in Utah, we understand that seniors may need assistance with their transportation needs. But why is this the case?

As mentioned, the health of seniors and older adults are not at their best. Much of public transportation may not be friendly to them. They may not have the physical ability to wait for the bus or walk to a train station.

Many of them may even have ambulation problems that require assistive devices. Public vehicles are not so accommodating to these pieces of equipment.

Of course, seniors can always drive or be driven to their destinations by their loved ones. But even with a private vehicle, their safety might still be at risk.

For one, it is dangerous for them to drive. Driving entails good reaction time and awareness—two things that seniors may not have anymore. Second, a regular vehicle may not have the space and features that a senior needs to have a safe and comfortable trip.

With that, care providers should do everything they can to assist seniors with their transportation needs. Some institutions that offer non-medical home care services also offer transportation assistance to their clients.

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