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Post-Hip Replacement Surgery Care

Post-Hip Replacement Surgery Care

Elderly patients who undergo hip replacement for arthritis aim to increase their mobility, lower the pain, and avoid the risks of mortality. However, those patients who sustain hip fractures have serious comorbidity and succeeding perioperative complications. These complications can be prevented through careful assessment and post-operative precautionary management such as mobility assistance and home care services.

Elderly patients who undergo hip surgery should have a successful recovery plan ranging from medical management to non-medical home care services. Skilled caregivers can attend to their needs including maintaining personal care. Doctors will also indicate the activity levels that elders can do to get moving such as standing up and taking a walk.

In addition, if the patient is a veteran and has undergone postoperative hip surgery, they have several VA programs. A Veteran Care in Utah can assess the recovery procedure and can provide assistance from a caregiver. They can assist them in their activities of daily living.

As a provider of Home Care in St. George Utah, we ensure quality service and a comfortable way of living for the elderly. We cater to elderly needs from their daily living to moving especially after undergoing surgical procedures.

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