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How Arthritis Disables Driving

Private: How Arthritis Disables Driving

Recently, around 8 million elders have lost their ability to drive in the United States. There are several factors that disable them to drive such as decreased vision, damaged hearing, slower motor flexes, and declining health conditions. Moreover, arthritis can also make driving for elderly people more difficult. The following are the reasons why:

  • Arthritis stiffens joints and muscles.
  • Medications for Arthritis can cause drowsiness that can be dangerous for driving.
  • Arthritis can cause mental fog and fatigue that makes a person lose motion control.

Among other daily activities, being able to drive themselves to their medical appointment can be hard for them as well as for their family members. There are non-medical home care services such as transportation services or respite care that can help you with your medical appointments and running errands.

In terms of veterans suffering from Arthritis, there are several programs that help them live with less pain. Our Veteran’s care in Utah can assist in at-home mobility assistance and self-directed options. We value their health and comfort.

If you are looking for Home Care in St. George Utah, we can provide several services such as transportation, in-home services for daily living, 24-Hour care service, and others that your loved ones may need.

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