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Discover the Leading Causes of Poor Hygiene in Older Adults

Discover the Leading Causes of Poor Hygiene in Older Adults

Poor personal hygiene is a common issue that many seniors and their primary caregivers face. Poor grooming habits can lead to infection and serious health issues. Unfortunately, following a hygiene routine can be challenging for many seniors due to poor mobility or a chronic condition. That is why many families turn to non-medical home care services to address this issue.

As an established provider of veterans care in Utah, we will discuss the most common causes of poor hygiene in older adults:

  • Fear or Discomfort

    If your elderly loved one has a bad fall in the bathroom, they may feel afraid of going in. This is especially true if a bad fall resulted in an injury affecting their mobility. Discomfort is also a common cause that can be improved by adjusting the water temperature when they bathe and adding hygiene aids like grab bars, shower chairs, and non-slip mats.

  • Depression

    Depression is common among older adults who are isolated and are dealing with an underlying condition. With live-in care, seniors receive additional support and companionship from their caregivers.

  • Dampened Senses

    As we get older, our senses are simply not as sharp as they once were. A poor sense of smell or vision problems can make it difficult for seniors to notice body odor or stains in their clothes. Since they do not notice these signs, they may not find the need to bathe or take a shower.

Covenant Care is an agency specializing in home care in St. George, Utah. From grooming guidance to personal care, we offer several in-home services to meet your loved one’s needs. Reach out to us for insurance inquiries and to learn more about the services that we provide.

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