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Dementia Care: Tips to Help Ease Communication


Dementia is the loss of cognitive functioning that affects a person’s ability to remember, think, reason, and communicate. When an elderly parent or loved one is diagnosed with dementia, it can be painful to witness their deterioration. Fortunately, non-medical home care services are available to help look after a loved one.

As a leading provider of home care in St. George, Utah, we will share tips to help improve communication with dementia patients:

  • Limit potential distractions.

    Before starting a conversation with your loved one, find a quiet and comfortable place to talk. Be sure to remove any distractions, such as an open window or any music playing in your home. A quiet corner and limited distractions can make it less overwhelming for your loved one.

  • Use gestures when speaking.

    When talking to your loved one, use simple and concise language using a calm and friendly voice. Moreover, it also helps to incorporate subtle body movements. When providing dementia care, visual cues or gestures can make it easier for your loved one to understand and reduces the likelihood of miscommunication.

  • Talk about one topic at a time.

    A person with dementia may find it mentally overwhelming to maintain a conversation with multiple threads. Instead, focus on one topic at a time and opt for open-ended or observational questions instead of asking too much at once. This can also make it easier to perform daily activities at home.

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